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360° panorama view of Nordaustland's glaciers

Raschøya is a small, remote, desolate island off Orvin Land, as the northeast part of Nordaustland is called. It is in uncharted waters with many small islands and islets and accordingly rarely visited. And what would you want to do or see there? There is not much wildlife other than a few ground-breeding birds such as arctic terns (but there might always be a polar bear behind any rock). It is rather the feeling of remoteness and desolation, the idea of being at the end of the earth, that makes Raschøya an exciting place to visit for those who have a sense for it.

And then, there is Nordaustland, of course, with its mighty ice caps. Orvin Land is mostly ice-covered, and from Raschøya you have got a stunning view of the mighty glacier Leighbreen and the ice cap Austfonna behind it. This stunning arctic panorama will make any visitor feel very small!

There is a cairn on top of Raschøya which is obviously old. The island was visited by Albertini in 1929, who was trying to find further remains of Nobile’s ill-fated Italia-expedition. Maybe Albertini built the cairn in 1929.


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