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Reindalen 1

Reindalen ist Spitsbergen’s largest ice-free valley. A large part of the regional reindeer population is feeding on hundreds of square kilometres of tundra in just this valley.

Reindalen 2

The dimensions of the landscape are seemingly endless. The valley is a good ten kilometres wide at its mouth, uninterrupted by any landscape details. This makes the landscape appear huge. It takes many hours to get somewhere on skies, not to mention a summer hike when endless wetlands and the large river take a lot of time and energy. In the winter, it is easier to access and enjoy this vast landscape.


If you drive with a snow mobile from Longyearbyen to Sveagruva, then you will usually cross Reindalen and then drive up Slakbreen, passing Andreasbu, an emergency hut by the mining company Store Norske. I made this panorama on a hill of the Slakbreen-moraine, on the southern side of Reindalen. The valley Reindalen is Spitsbergen’s largest ice-free valley, with a huge river and wide wetlands and marshes in summer.


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