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360 degree panorama

The glacier Seligerbreen is next to the famous Monacobreen in Liefdefjord. They are separated by the mountain Stortingspresidenten. Until 2014, both glaciers flew around Stortingspresidenten and shared a glacier front north of the mountain. Since 2015, both glaciers have retreated so far that they are separated by the mountain since then.

Seligerbreen continued retreating and a few small islets have thus appeared from under the glacier. They were initially very close to the glacier and still covered with towers of dead glacier ice, making them inaccessible. The aerial photo below, from my book Aerial Arctic shows the situation as it was in September 2018.

Seligerbreen, Liefdefjord (September 2018)

Seligerbreen in Liefdefjord (September 2018).

Pano 1 – Seligerbreen

In September 2019 I got an opportunity to set foot on these new islands. Still an adventure that has to be done with some care, as calvings from the nearby glacier may still produce large waves at any time. I was there together with Alexander (“Sauna-Alex”) Lembke and we both went ashore for a couple of minutes while the other one kept the boat in deep water. I don’t know if anyone had been there before we went. If you happen to know of any earlier landings, please get in touch and let me know.

Pano 2 – Seligerbreen

The islets are too small, too steep and too close to Seligerbreen to allow for regular landings. But they do offer great views of Seligerbreen and they are impressive witnesses to recent landscape development in the Arctic, which currently knows only one direction: pronounced and accelerating retreat of almost all glaciers.


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