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First a 360 degree view from Signehamna im Lilliehöökfjord, the western inner branch in Krossfjord. We are standing next to the remains of two German weather stations from the dark times of the Second World War. Weather data were of high importance then for military operations, and as no civilian network of meteorological stations was available anymore, the German military strived to get their own data from the north Atlantic, where much of the weather of northwestern Europe is coming from.

In autumn 1941, the German Kriegsmarine (navy) established a weather station called “Knospe” (“bud”, after the station leader, whose name was Knoespel), where 6 men wintered. In 1942-43, “Nussbaum” followed (“nut tree”, after station commander Nusser). In June 1943, shortly before “Nussbaum” was picked up again, a group of Norwegian soldiers discovered the German presence in Signehamna. Shots were fired, and one German died. The submarine that soon came to pick the Germans up discovered the Norwegian boat in Nilspollen, the small bay directly south of Signehamna, and opened fire. The boat sank, and one Norwegian drowned during his attempt to reach the shore. Bloody war events in the seemingly pristine arctic surroundings of Krossfjord.

Two more panoramic views (not 360 degrees) of Signehamna in Lilliehöökfjord. In late September 2012, winter had already moved in.


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