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Sorgfjord: Eolusneset


The cross to which Eolusneset owes its name. It was erected on June 06, 1855, by skipper J. Holmgren, Captain of the schooner Æolus from Bergen. The ship was trapped in ice for some weeks, and then it is of course always good to build a cross – you never know. In 1861, Æolus was there again, with the famous Swedish scientist Otto Torell on board.

The grave field not far from the cross is going much further back in history. It was used by whalers in the 17th and 18th centuries, certainly including Dutch whalers, possibly also from other countries.

The northernmost sea battle

Sorgfjord was the site of the northernmost sea battle ever: in 1693, three French warships brought up about 40 Dutch whaling ships in Sorgfjord. After several hours of gun fire, 13 Dutch ships were captured.

The trappers’ hut at Eolusneset

The old trappers hut on the north side of Eolusneset. Built in 1921 and repaired in 1926 by the famous hunter Arthur Oxaas, it is now falling apart. It has never been more than a shelter used only occasionally during traveling.


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