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Daudmannsøyra: Steinpynten

Coastal landscape and trapper hut


Daudmannsøyra is a wide-open coastal plain in Forlandsund on the west coast of Spitsbergen, north of Isfjord. Seen from the distance, it seems rather unimposing. But a close view reveals a coastal landscape that is, well, maybe not directly spectacular – there are no calving glaciers and towering coastal cliffs – but very beautiful if you have got an open eye for details and the beauty of the tundra. There are many little bays and beaches hidden behind countless rocks. Between the coast and the mountains, there is a very wide tundra plain, with some small hills, lakes and wetlands. It is an important resting and breeding area for many bird species, including geese, ducks and various tundra and coastal birds.

The hut at Steinpynten

Not far from Steinpynten, there is the ruin of an old trapper’s hut in a little bay, hidden behind coastal rocks. The hut was built in 1920 by the famous hunter Hilmar Nøis as a secondary station, supplementing his main hut at Alkhornet. (See the Fredheim page for more information about Hilmar Nøis).

Gallery – Daudmannsøyra, Steinpynten

Some impressions from the hut and the landscape at Steinpynten.

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