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Texas Bar

Texas Bar is a trapper hut in Liefdefjord, built in 1927 by Hilmar Nøis and Martin Petterson Nøis. Several members of the Nøis family vom Vesterålen in Norway spent parts of their lives as trappers in Spitsbergen, and some of them became famous later. In the late 1920s, the chose the Woodfjord-Liefdefjord area as their hunting territory and built a couple of huts. Some well-known ones that still exist are the old one in Mushamna and the one at Gråhuken, also known as the “Ritter-hut”.

Texas Bar is a small hut, just used during long hunting trips for shorter stays. Today, it is occasionally used by locals from Longyearbyen who take the long trip to Liefdefjord by boat or snowmobile (depending on the season and ice conditions), or by scientists.

Unfortunately, we don’t know why Hilmar and Martin decided to name the hut after Texas. There is probably not a big story behind it, but it might have been a funny one.


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