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Freemansund: Zeiløyane

360 degree panorama and some remarks about the landscape

Zeiløyane (“The Zeil Islands”) are a small group of islands in eastern Freemansund, near Ånesest on Edgeøya. On the map they appear almost as a pearl necklace:

Zeiløyane, Svalbard

Zeiløyane (Zeil-Islands) in Freemansund, near Edgeøya.
Map © Norwegian Polar Institute.

The impression on location is a different one: here the Zeiløyane seem to be one island, long and narrow. At least the western part, where this panorama was taken. Did the landscape change or is the map just inaccurate?

There was not much time for further investigations and the weather was not very pleasant, so there was no opportunity to have a look at the eastern part of the island(s). But I am pretty sure that I will get an opportunity to do that one day 🙂


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