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About Rolf Stange and this website

Born in 1973 in West Germany, I started travelling to the north in 1993 and have never stopped it since. I studied geography and geology first in Münster, later in Bonn and finished in 2002 with a »Diplom«. Now I am living partly in Dresden (Germany) and partly Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen).

Rolf Stange (2010)

Rolf Stange

I am in Spitsbergen at least once per year since 1997. For the first 3 arctic summers, I had the chance of ‘exploring’ the island both with groups, with friends and alone, thus walking several thousand kilometers over tundra, rocks and glacier ice – and I don’t regret a single meter! In late winter 1999, I worked at Isfjord Radio/Kapp Linné at the west coast of Spitsbergen, where I saw the the beautiful arctic winter for the first time. An experience that quickly got me on the hook, and one good reason to live in Spitsbergen for some time every year not only during the summer sailing season.

Kvitøya, northeastern Svalbard (July 2006).

Rolf Stange - Kvitoya

During the Arctic summer 2000 I worked for the first time on board the ice-strengthened vessels of Russian origin now operating for Oceanwide Expeditions. I enjoyed this way of travelling from the very first day, as these trips offer an intense experience of very remote areas with all the beauty and excitement they have to offer, landscape, history, wildlife,… since then, I am regularly travelling Spitsbergen, East Greenland and Antarctica, working as a guide and lecturer or as expedition leader on expedition style cruises.

While at home in Longyearbyen or Dresden, I am putting as much time as I can into publishing books, calendars etc. and into organizing polar voyages … and photography is of great importance to me, I enjoy it and I use the results to illustrate my books and this website. More about my photography here.

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