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Spits­ber­gen flo­ra

The­re are more than 160 spe­ci­es of vascu­lar plants, of which for examp­le some saxif­ra­ges and but­ter­cup spe­ci­es are qui­te com­mon. Other com­mon plants inclu­de Moun­tain avens (Dryas oct­o­pe­ta­la) as typi­cal tun­dra flower. The­re are no trees which you would reco­gni­se as such, even though the three wil­low spe­ci­es (the most com­mon one is the polar wil­low Salix pola­ris) and the birch (Betu­la nana) are trees, at least bota­ni­cal­ly. The tun­dra loo­ks dif­fe­rent ever­y­whe­re becau­se of the com­plex mosaic of dif­fe­rent regio­nal cli­ma­tes and the geo­lo­gi­cal back­ground. The vege­ta­ti­on in the fjord are­as of the cen­tral west coast can be sur­pri­sin­gly rich, whe­re­as you will find almost bar­ren, desert-like types of tun­dra in the far nor­the­ast.

Svalbard Poppy (Papaver daliahnum) in polar desert, Sjuøyane

Sval­bard Pop­py (Papa­ver dali­ahnum) in polar desert, Sjuøya­ne


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