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Spitsbergen flora

There are more than 160 species of vascular plants, of which for example some saxifrages and buttercup species are quite common. Other common plants include Mountain avens (Dryas octopetala) as typical tundra flower. There are no trees which you would recognise as such, even though the three willow species (the most common one is the polar willow Salix polaris) and the birch (Betula nana) are trees, at least botanically. The tundra looks different everywhere because of the complex mosaic of different regional climates and the geological background. The vegetation in the fjord areas of the central west coast can be surprisingly rich, whereas you will find almost barren, desert-like types of tundra in the far northeast.

Svalbard Poppy (Papaver daliahnum) in polar desert, Sjuøyane

Svalbard Poppy (Papaver daliahnum) in polar desert, Sjuøyane


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