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Spitsbergen (Southern part)

Interactive map with links to pages with detailed information about Spitsbergen's various fjords and islands

Click on the map for further information about the different areas.

Interactive map Spitsbergen southern part

There are several large fjords in Spitsbergen’s southern part, all of them of great scenic variety and beauty. The west Spitsbergen current (the northernmost branch of the Gulf Stream) keeps Spitsbergen’s west coast largely ice-free, an effect that has become more pronounced in recent years, from 2006 and so far until today – yes, climate is changing in the Arctic (and elsewhere, for that sake). This makes the fjords on the south west coast of Spitsbergen more easily accessible than other areas. As a result, Isfjord, Bellsund and Hornsund have seen a lot of human activity since the early 17th century. There have been whaling stations, mining attempts and trappers’ huts and many tranes of these activities remain until today. Also, almost the whole geological evolution of Spitsbergen is represented and can be studies in these large fjords.

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