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Daily Archives: 22. July 2013 − News & Stories

Reinde­er popu­la­ti­on rea­ched hig­hest level

The num­ber of reinde­ers in Advent­da­len rea­ched the hig­hest level this year sin­ce the sur­vey began in 1979. Rese­a­chers of the Nor­we­gi­an Polar Insti­tu­te coun­ted about 1200 ani­mals inclu­ding 300 cal­ves. Ther­eby the num­ber of reinde­ers increased about 250 exem­plars in com­pa­ri­son to last year. On the one hand this could be explai­ned due to war­mer som­mers that allow reinde­ers to accu­mu­la­te a thick lay­er of fat, which is their ener­gy source for the win­ter. On the other hand reinde­er popu­la­ti­on varies from year to year. One year with a low count of ani­mals is fol­lo­wed by a year with a high count due to lar­ge­ly food sup­p­ly.

Reinde­ers on Spits­ber­gen

Reindeer population reached highest level

Source: Sval­bard­pos­ten, Ice­peo­p­le


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