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Panorama of a trappers' hut, icebergs and glaciers

Spitsbergen’s east coast: Mohnbukta

The landscapes on the east coast of Spitsbergen are huge and wild, wide and open. Typical are more or less plateau-shaped mountains and dark rocks, giving the landscape a sometimes even gloomy appearance. As in most other bays on the east coast (except Agardhbukta), the inland is strongly glaciated and some glaciers have calving fronts at the coast.

Old trappers’ hut in Mohnbukta

Old hut under the mountain Domen in Mohnbukta. The hut was built in 1928 by Georg Bjørnnes, a Norwegian trapper.

Travelling on fast ice

Travelling on fast ice in Mohnbukta on a beautiful April day.

Many smaller icebergs with fantastic shapes and colours are frozen in the fast ice of Mohnbukta. These images were taken inside an iceberg that had several old meltwater caves.

Yes another strongly weathered iceberg in Mohnbukta.

Another view of the same iceberg as above.

The glaciers in Mohnbukta: Königsbergbreen and Hayesbreen

The ice cliff of Hayesbreen on the northern side of Mohnbukta, frozen solid in the fast ice.

Königsbergbreen (-glacier, left side) and Hayesbreen. Not a 360 degree panorama, but a summer view.

Views of Mohnbukta

View from a moraine ridge on the north side of Mohnbukta, near Teistpynten

View from another moraine ridge, here on the west side of Mohnbukta


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