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Pyramiden: Old mine 2 - Panorama

360° panorama

The second one of three mine instal­la­ti­ons in this area. Mine 2 is a term that I am just using here, I don’t know the ori­gi­nal his­to­ri­cal name of this mine.

Old mine (2) near Pyra­mi­den: was­te dump, day plant and old rail­way tracks.

Also here, old mine rail­way tracks, the volu­me of was­te dump and the over­all effort that has obvious­ly been taken points to work over a lon­ger peri­od on this site. Hence, pro­ba­b­ly in pro­duc­ti­ve ope­ra­ti­on. But when? Litt­le is known about the ear­ly histo­ry of mining in Pyra­mi­den.

Day plant and rela­ted equip­ment.

View into the old mine shaft ent­rance. The mine shaft its­elf has col­lap­sed.

View into the ent­rance of the mine shaft

An important war­ning: ente­ring old coal mines is high­ly dan­ge­rous. Struc­tures and mine shaft roofs may col­lap­se at any time, and gas may migra­te from the sur­roun­ding rocks and coal into the mine shaft. You can not see or smell it and once you feel it, it is too late. Ente­ring a coal mine that is not under con­trol and pro­fes­sio­nal­ly ven­ti­la­ted is life dan­ge­rous, so never ever go into an old coal mine!



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