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The litt­le pen­in­su­la of Cro­zier­pyn­ten is situa­ted on the eas­tern side of Sorgfjord. The list of tho­se who visi­ted this place in the 19th and ear­ly 20th cen­tu­ry is almost a who-is-who of arc­tic explo­ra­ti­on of tho­se years … Edward Par­ry (1827), the Swe­dish sec­tion of the Rus­si­an-Swe­dish Arc-de-meri­di­an-expe­di­ti­on estab­lis­hed their win­te­ring quar­ters the­re in 1899, and the Her­zog Ernst, ship of the Schrö­der-Stranz-expe­di­ti­on, was for­ced to spend the win­ter 1912-13 the­re, while the lea­der hims­elf, Her­bert Schrö­der-Stranz, was most likely alrea­dy dead on Nord­aus­t­land. This list is anything but com­ple­te. Not to men­ti­on all the trap­pers who win­te­red the­re when the Swe­dish house was still stan­ding upright.

Dif­fe­rent views of the area of the Arc-de-Meri­di­an sta­ti­on on the sou­thern side of Cro­zier­pyn­ten. The sta­ti­on was built in 1899 by the Swe­dish sec­tion of the abo­ve-men­tio­ned expe­di­ti­on and sub­se­quent­ly used to win­ter the­re. The expe­di­ti­on is sur­pri­sin­gly litt­le known, but it was very suc­cess­ful and brought a wealth of topo­gra­phic and other sci­en­ti­fic mate­ri­al back home without any loss of life, qui­te in con­trast to many others in tho­se ear­ly years.

The hill Flagg­stang­h­au­gen on Cro­zier­pyn­ten is just 31 meters high. Some­ti­mes this is more than enough for some gre­at views.


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