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Lovénøyane: Midtholmen

Panorama of a little island in a bird sanctuary in Kongsfjord

Midtholmen, map

The small island Mid­thol­men is one of Lové­nøya­ne in Kongsfjord.

The small island of Mid­thol­men is situa­ted within the litt­le group of islands of Lové­nøya­ne in Kongsfjord. All of Lové­nøya­ne are pro­tec­ted as bird sanc­tua­ry, which means that landings are not allo­wed during the bree­ding sea­son, defi­ned as 15 May – 15 August. Boat traf­fic within 300 met­res from the nea­res shore or off­shore rock (as per low tide) is also included in the ban.

It is good that the islands are pro­tec­ted from visi­tors during the bree­ding peri­od, becau­se the­re is a high den­si­ty of ground bree­ders inclu­ding com­mon eider ducks and arc­tic terns.

But they lea­ve when they have finis­hed their bree­ding busi­ness, and they islands can be visi­ted legal­ly from 16 August. Lové­nøya­ne, which also include Jut­tahol­men, Sig­rid­hol­men and seve­ral other islets, may appear to be unspec­ta­cu­lar when seen from the distance, and “spec­ta­cu­lar” may not be the right word any­way. But for anyo­ne inte­res­ted in that part of the beau­ty of the arc­tic that is hid­den in smal­ler details inclu­ding ground struc­tures, colourful lichens and that kind of things, Mid­thol­men is a tre­asu­re box, a pearl of natu­re. You can sen­se that birds have been bree­ding the­re for thou­sands of years. And the­re is, of cour­se, the pan­o­r­amic view of the stun­ning moun­tain and gla­cier sce­n­ery of inner Kongsfjord, and that is inde­ed spec­ta­cu­lar.

Pan­ora­ma: Mid­thol­men

Mid­thol­men its­elf is a small island with a maxi­mum ext­ent of under 600 met­res. This 360 degree pan­ora­ma was taken on a gol­den “autumn” (ear­ly win­ter, in that case) day in late Sep­tem­ber 2023 on the hig­hest ele­va­ti­on of the island, 22 met­res high 🙂

Lové­nøya­ne: Mid­thol­men – Pho­to gal­lery

And final­ly some impres­si­ons of Mid­thol­men. The first two pho­tos were taken in Sep­tem­ber 2021 from the neigh­bou­ring island Obser­vas­jons­hol­men.

Click on thumb­nail to open an enlar­ged ver­si­on of the spe­ci­fic pho­to.



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