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Gallery 3 - From Moffen into Woodfjord, Raudford, Fuglefjord and Kobbefjord

Spitsbergen with SV Antigua, September 2018

The weather remained on our side and we had another couple of great days, starting with the rare opportunity of a landing on Moffen on 80 degrees north. Moffen is a pretty special island. The weather was good, the landing was good, the walrusses were good. Everything was good. It was also good that there was much less plastic (fishing nets etc.) left on Moffen when we left than before. It was not the first time on this trip that we had removed a fair share of plastic from these arctic beaches.

Next was a visit to the hut at Gråhuken – there are quite a few fans of Christiane Ritter on board – and an evening visit to the bay Mushamna, with a cosy fire on the beach.

Monacobreen is a well-known scenic highlight in this area, the huge glaciers and mountains there are really stunning. And so was the weather. Again! There was no landing („only“ a Zodiac cruise in ice) today, because the place envisaged for an afternoon walk was already occupied by a polar bear family. Something we could absolutely live with, as is safe to say without exaggeration.

So we were keen on a good walk which we got in Raudfjord a day later, enjoying the great scenery from elevated positions. From there on via Fuglefjord to Danskøya. Stunning evening light in Kobbefjord, another place that does not see too many visitors.

Map 3 – From Moffen to Danskøya

Map 3 - From Moffen to Danskøya

Gallery 3: Moffen, Woodfjord, Raudfjord, Kobbefjord

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