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Gallery 1: the west

The west


The sun shining above Isfjord, mirror-image like calm water, that’s how we started, and of course the thought was not far to do something unusual straightaway, making good use of the fine weather – that was, anyway, part of the idea of „advanced Spitsbergen“. Getting away from that well-trodden path.

So off we went to the exposed outer coast of Prins Karls Forland, hiking back across the relatively narrow island. Sunny views from rare perspectives.

Then we went on to spend some fine days in Kongsfjord – life was definitely better there than out at sea during those windy days. And when you spend more than just one day in a certain fjord, then it kind of becomes home over time, you are getting used to the scenery, you start to recognize individual mountains with all their characteristics – a very pleasant process that takes time, which we could easily afford.

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