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Gal­le­ry 4: Krossfjord

In light snow­fall, Lil­lie­höök­breen in Krossfjord pro­vi­ded a total­ly dif­fe­rent expe­ri­ence than Mona­co­breen just a day ago. This was a bit of arc­tic win­ter atmo­s­phe­re, and the same app­lied to our after­noon lan­ding in Signe­ham­na. We then went off to hide in Fjor­ten­de Juli­buk­ta as both baro­me­ter and wea­ther fore­cast spo­ke a clear lan­guage, not lea­ving any doubt that a safe, shel­te­red ancho­ra­ge would be important for the night and most parts of tomor­row. So we wai­ted some rather stor­my hours out until we could go ashore again in the after­noon, and the­re was more to come later, as the wind had drop­ped down and we saw a Fin wha­le in Krossfjord, to our sur­pri­se and delight!

Gal­le­ry 4

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