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Gallery Bellsund, Isfjord

A calm passage down south to Bellsund was followed by 2 days with many highlights in the branches of this large fjord system. Fossils, some of Spitsbergen’s most perfectly developed raised beaches and waterfalls in Van Keulenfjord, followed by the sighting of a White-billed Diver (Gavia adamsii), a very rare sighting in Spitsbergen. The sharp eyes of the birdwatcher also found the distant polar bear on the same day on the ice of a frozen glacier lagoon, while the mountain goats were enjoying amazing views over a great arctic landscape in the fantastic light of another sunset. Some really nice northern lights
kept some of us awake for part of the night, but it was worth every minute of sleep we didn’t get.


Also the next day came with lovely weather, a bit less sunny, and great impressions and views. The scenic structures in Bellsund are unique and quite impressive. Mountains such as Midterhukfjellet and islands including Akseløya make 400 million years of Earth history visible.

Souvenirs from Spitsbergen’s equator years a good 250 million years ago started the next and lasted day. The sighting of a polar bear on a rocky island next to the mighty Nordenskiöldbreen was the final highlight. The bear was a bit lazy and didn’t show too much activity, but the sighting was clear and the memories are good and persistent.

For those with an interest in geology, and there were quite a few of them on board, it might be icing on the cream that the polar bear was lying on some of Spitsbergen’s oldest rocks …

Great days in Bellsund and Isfjord

Bellsund, Isfjord

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