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Gal­le­ry 4: sou­thwest Spits­ber­gen

Hiking, Hornsund

Hiking in Horn­sund.

How lucky we were when we went around the south cape – for good rea­son, the area has a dread­ful repu­ta­ti­on for bad wea­ther and rough seas, but not only could we make good use of the calm waters and take a short­cut bet­ween the islands, but we could actual­ly make a rare lan­ding on Tokros­søya! Unf­or­gett­able, if you ask me.

We spend a day in Horn­sund befo­re con­ti­nuing nor­thwards to Bellsund, whe­re the wea­ther was a bit grey and dull for the first time sin­ce many days ago, befo­re we roun­ded the trip off in Isfjord, visi­t­ing Bar­ents­burg and making a final lan­ding at Kapp Lai­la in Cole­s­buk­ta.

SY Arctica II, Spitsbergen 2021: Map 4

SY Arc­ti­ca II in Spits­ber­gen, August 2021: Map 4 – the sou­thern west coast.

Gal­le­ry 4: the sou­thern west coast

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