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Tourism control during 2011 season

The Sysselmannen’s field inspectors have visited 85 ships and boats during the 2011 summer season, mainly on the west coast, but also in more remote regions including Hinlopen. Permits, ship papers and waste management routines are amongst what the field inspectors check routinely. Additionally, presence of authorities is shown to all visitors, who are encouraged to comply with relevant laws and regulations and to move carefully in the Spitsbergen environment. Controls also include camps and research activities.

The inspectors were in touch with 2403 persons and had only two complaints: one group had established their camp in in Grumantbyen (cultural heritage and accordingly protected). Another group had cut drainage trenches around their tents and left them at departure. The operator was requested to conduct a clean-up of the site.

Feldinspektoren des Sysselmannen im Magdalenefjord, Juli 2011.

Tourism control during 2011 season - Magdalenefjord

Source: Sysselmannen


Several cases of rabies have been found near Longyearbyen within a week: First, the virus was found in a polar fox that had attacked a dog. A few days later, two reindeer which were apparently partly paralyzed were shot and found to be infected with rabies. As far as known, this is the first time the virus has infected another species beyond polar foxes in Spitsbergen. Rabies is a fatal disease also for humans, and the authorities request the public to be accordingly careful:

  • Avoid all contact with living or dead animals,
  • Wash hands carefully after accidental contact,
  • Report to the Sysselmann immediately in case of potential infections of animals or humans,
  • Currently, dogs are not allowed to be off-leash and without supervision when outside.

This reindeer is just resting. Other ones were recently found to be infected with rabies.


Source: Sysselmannen


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