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Ny-Ålesund: Path to the airship mast

360° panorama

Here we are clo­se to the Chi­ne­se rese­arch sta­ti­on Yel­low River Sta­ti­on. This is whe­re the short walk starts to the air­ship mast, whe­re Amund­sen (air­ship Nor­ge, 1926) and Nobi­le (1926 and then 1928 with Ita­lia) star­ted their famous north pole flights.

Peo­p­le from Ny-Åle­sund have instal­led a litt­le faci­li­ty that enables peo­p­le to load and unload their rif­les safe­ly. Obvious­ly they don’t trust the num­e­rous visi­tors to hand­le their wea­pons safe­ly enough other­wi­se. Any­way, you need a wea­pon or an armed gui­de to walk to the air­ship mast. Polar bears are regu­lar­ly seen in Kongsfjor­den, and they do occa­sio­nal­ly come clo­se to Ny-Åle­sund. Bears have actual­ly been seen wal­king on the road within the sett­le­ment! This is obvious­ly rare and extre­me­ly unli­kely to hap­pen during day­ti­me, but still, it is always good to keep your eyes open and respect the rules. Stay within the popu­la­ted part of the sett­le­ment unless you have a wea­pon or an armed gui­de.

The path to the air­hip mast can be quite wet and mud­dy espe­ci­al­ly in the ear­ly sum­mer. Nevert­hel­ess, plea­se walk on the path and not next to it. Every year, the path is get­ting a bit wider and the tun­dra is dis­ap­pearing. Is it worth to des­troy the tun­dra to keep the boots clean? As a visi­tor to the Arc­tic, you have got solid foot­wear, don’t you?



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