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Gallery 2 - Sjuøyane, Nordaustland, Kvitøya July 2018 with SV Antigua

Unusual­ly good wea­ther enab­led us to visit remo­te and expo­sed pla­ces such as Wal­denøya and Ros­søya, part of Sjuøya­ne and Svalbard’s very nort­hern­most island. On Phipp­søya, we got a fine polar bear sigh­t­ing rather than a walk. In Duve­fjord (Nord­aus­t­land), we found see­min­gly vir­gin land, appearing bar­ren, but at the same time so rich in struc­tu­re and detail, in beau­ty!

We also mana­ged on Kvi­tøya, ano­t­her rare one and ano­t­her high­light of this voya­ge. That’s some­thing you real­ly don’t get every day 🙂

Map 2 – Sjuøya­ne, Nord­aus­t­land, Kvi­tøya

Svalbard map 2: Sjuøyane, Nordaustland, Kvitøya

Gal­le­ry 2: Sjuøya­ne, Nord­aus­t­land, Kvi­tøya

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