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Spitsbergen with SV Meander, 01-18 July 2023

Triplog and photo galleries

SV Meander 2023, drift ice, Spitsbergen

SV Mean­der in drift ice north of Spits­ber­gen.

This was the 18 day long peak-sea­son voya­ge around Spits­ber­gen. An ama­zing packa­ge full of natu­re expe­ri­ence, hiking, sai­ling. This was SV Meander’s second cir­cum­na­vi­ga­ti­on of Spits­ber­gen (we did the first one last year in late August/early Sep­tem­ber) and her lon­gest trip in the­se waters so far.

Just as our voya­ge with SV Anti­gua a cou­ple of weeks ago, we were bles­sed with the wea­ther. We did ama­zing landings and good hikes, saw a lot of wild­life and flowers … the who­le packa­ge, it was all the­re.

We went around Spits­ber­gen in a clock­wi­se direc­tion. The fol­lo­wing pages will give you a good impres­si­on of what we saw and did during the­se fan­ta­stic days. And so will the tri­plog. If you read Ger­man, that is.

Tri­plog: Spits­ber­gen with SV Mean­der, 01st-18th July 2023

The­re are two dif­fe­rent ver­si­ons, dif­fe­ring in file size/print qua­li­ty. The con­tent is exact­ly the same. And any­way, it is in Ger­man, becau­se it was a Ger­man spea­king trip.

Pho­to gal­le­ries – with SV Mean­der around Spits­ber­gen

On the­se pages you will find short descrip­ti­ons and a lot of pho­tos of the­se fan­ta­stic days around Spits­ber­gen:

Vir­tu­al tours to places that we have been to

You can actual­ly visit some of the places that we have been to on this trip online. The­re are pages with pho­to gal­le­ries and 360 degree pan­ora­ma pho­tos on this web­site:



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