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Longyearbyen centre


Longyearbyen centre

Longyearbyen downtown. Since the 1980s, Longyearbyen has developed away from a coal mining company town. Instead, the place has become a modern service-orientated family settlement. Here in there city centre, there is a shopping mall (the so-called „Lompensenter“) with various shops and cafés. Opposite, there is the large supermarket (known as „Svalbardbutikken“, officially: „Coop Svalbard“) where you find everything for daily life and a lot more.

Longyearbyen downtown: coal miner’s monument (1)

The monument for the coal miner reminds of Longyearbyen’s history as a mining town, even though this is mostly history. Near Longyearbyen, there is only one mine (mine 7) still in use, a bit outside and away from town in Adventdalen.

Longyearbyen downtown: coal miner’s monument (2)

And the coal miner one more time, this time in daylight. Actually, coal miners are used to spending their time in darkness!


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