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Shipping & delivery

prices, shipping and delivery information:

We will normally process and despatch your order to you within 3-5 business days. If there are likely to be any delays in fulfilling your order we will advise you of such. We are not responsible for the time the carrier takes to deliver the book to your shipping address. Any delivery timescales quoted to you are indicative only.

The mentioned on the product pages include the VAT and other price components as applicable. The shipping costs will be communicated in the shopping cart system and on the order page clearly. For digital content (e-books, software, etc.) there are no shipping costs.

Prices are including VAT plus shipping. The shipping costs please refer to this overview:
Total weight
up to 1 kg
(all items except »79°N«
if ordered
Total weight
between 1 and 2 kg
plus any other book
or: »79°N«
individual order)
Total weight
more than 2 kg
GermanyFree shippingFree shippingFree shipping
Incl. photo book »79°N«*2.00 €2.00 €
EU4.00 €4.00 €9.00 €
Incl. photo book »79°N«*6.00 €12.00 €
Shipping outside EU4.00 €**9.50 €**12.00 €**
Incl. photo book »79°N«*13.00 €**15.00 €**
* not applicable because 79°N exceed 1 kg
** Land mail. If you prefer airmail, please indicate this in the »additional information« box on the next page. In this case, additional costs will be charged.


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