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Andréetangen, Edgeøya – trappers’ hut. Virtual panoramic tour

Edgeøya: Andréetangen

Southeastern Edgeøya is an area on its own regarding scenery, wildlife and history. The wide open plateaux-shaped mountains can make a dark impression on the visitor, especially on a rather grey day like this. Coastal lowland like here on Andréetangen (named after a German geographer, not the Swedish explorer) has wide, rich tundra areas. There is a large herd of walrusses near the shore not far from this trappers’ hut.

Hut at Andréetangen (Entrance)

Before the Second World War, trappers had been using the small nearby islands of Delitschøya and Zieglerøya for decades or even centuries.

This old hut has already seen better days. At the time of photography, in August 2014, the roof in the entrance area was severely damaged.

Hut at Andréetangen (Main room)

The hut at Andréetangen was built in 1946 by Henry Rudi, the famous „Isbjørnkongen“ (polar bear king). Rudi was not the youngest anymore at that time, but he still had several winterings ahead of him before he finally retired.

Hut at Andréetangen (Sleeping area)

The sleeping area is in the back part of the main room. This part was larger at times, an extra room had been added to it later, but it was removed again. After Rudi, well-known people followed with winterings at Andréetangen like Thor Larsen, the early pioneer of polar bear research, and Per Johnson, the last hunter on Edgeøya. Larsen added a laboratory building, which was later removed. He called the place „Permafrost City“.


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