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Gallery 5: Hall Bredning to Iceland

Greenland 2019 with SV Anne-Margaretha

Hall Bredning to Iceland: Again, the open sea threatened to give us a hard time by means of heavy weather, so we made sure we got to Iceland early enough to avoid getting our butts kicked by King Neptune. But before we got out, we could still enjoy a day of wonderful weather, sunny and calm, amongst the icebergs drifting in Hall Bredning, as well as a lovely farewell aurora.

We got to Iceland after 2 days at sea without major troubles. The first harbour was Dalvik, and it was a pleasure to get the ship into a safe harbour (calm night! No anchor watch!) and to stretch legs again a bit next day. And then the last couple of miles to Akureyri, with some whales and a geothermal waterfall.

Gallery 5: Hall Bredning to Iceland

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