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View over Ballstad

Ballstad is on the south tip of Vestvågøy, one of the bigger Lofoten islands. The little town has about 1140 inhabitants as of 2016 and it is geographically organized around three bays that are used as harbours. That is a major requirement for any settlements on the Lofoten islands, where every town is a fishing village, or was a fishing village in the past, at least. Ballstad still is a fishing village, there are plenty of fishing boats in the harbours, and there is the associated fish processing industry. Additionally, there is a little shipyard as well as a gallery, shop, …

There are nice accommodation opportunities for tourists in Rorbu houses, these wooden houses directly on th waterline, once used as simple accommodation for visiting fishers in the high fishing season. These days, they have been turned into nice, often upmarket accommodation for tourists. Not just is Ballstad a lovely place, but it has a strategically convenient position for tourists, more or less half-way down the chain of Lofoten islands, so you can reach most other places within a day.

This panorama was shot free hand, without tripod and proper panorama gear. So it is not quite perfect, but good enough for an impression.


last modification: 2017-11-14 · copyright: Rolf Stange