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  1. Brattlidalen 1
  2. Brattlidalen 2
  3. Brattlidalen 3
  4. Brattlidalen 4
  5. Brattlidalen 5
  6. Brattlidalen 6
  7. Brattlidalen 7

Brattlidalen 1

From the distance, Brattlidalen, situated on the east side of Sassendalen, seems to be quite inconspicuous. You hardly see it, and it is easy just to pass it in miles’ distance unless you know what you miss unless you go and have a look.

Brattlidalen 2

You can get some hundred metres into Brattlidalen by snow mobile, which is how most people get here in the first place.

Brattlidalen 3

This small tributary valley to Sassendalen is soon so narrow that the snow mobiles have to be parked.

Brattlidalen 4

From here, it’s walking!

Brattlidalen 5

And now it is really getting narrow. Parts of Brattlidalen come in shape of a very narrow and steep canyon. Over thousands of years, a meltwater river has incised its bed into the hard bedrock, which forms steep or even overhanging walls right next to the river bed.

Brattlidalen 6

Then, the narrow canyon-section of Brattlidalen comes to a preliminary end. If you climb up a little, but steep snow slope – the site of a waterfall in summer – then you see Brattlidalen getting wider again.

Brattlidalen 7

Brattlidalen is leading many kilometres further into Coloradofjella, where it is forming a very impressive, but rather inaccessible canyon.


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