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Danskøya: Kobbefjord


Kobbefjord (“Seal bay”) is a little bay that is cutting into the west coast of Danskøya. The shores are mostly steep and rocky, but there are passages to Virgohamna and to the east side of Danskøya. Danish whalers had a shore station here in the 17th century. The inner fjord is cut off by shallows and only accessible for small boats.

The Norwegians Torgeir Møkleby and Harald Simonsen spent some desparate weeks in Kobbefjord in spring 1922. Looking for a friend who was missing, they had left a weather station at Kvadehuken (Kongsfjord) with a small boat, but drifted with the ice for 18 days before they managed to get ashore in Kobbefjord, where they finally starved to death.


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