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Gallery 6: west coast (2)

Svalbard with SV Arctica II, 2017 - photo gallery west coast (2): from Sørkapp Land to Pyramiden

The first landing on the west coast after rounding the south cape, in a rarely visited part of Sørkapp Land, was unforgettable. Not only because Bjørnskaubukta is yet another place that is hardly seen by tourists (we were quite successful with such places in this trip), but also because of the impressive salto a retroso by our skipper. A masterpiece!

The wind followed us for a while, so in Bellsund we made a lovely tour in Recherchefjord and then we decided to spend a couple of hours at anchor to wait for the wind to calm down before venturing on the final open sea passage north and back into Isfjord. There, we spent two very pleasant last days, visiting the Russian settlements Barentsburg and Pyramiden and making nice hikes in their various surroundings, before returning to Longyearbyen after a total of 1174 nautical miles.

Gallery 6: west coast (2) – Sørkapp Land

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