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Edgeøya: Åneset

360 degree panoramas and some history

Åne­set is a flat point near the nor­the­as­tern cor­ner of Edgeøya, in the eas­tern part of Free­man­sund. The high-arc­tic cha­rac­ter real­ly comes through in this bar­ren land­s­cape! One main fac­tor is the cold east Spits­ber­gen cur­rent which keeps the cli­ma­te in this area col­der than on the west coast, whe­re a nort­hern branch of the Gulf Stream keeps the cli­ma­te mil­der and more mari­ti­me and the waters lar­ge­ly ice-free year round.

The sce­ne­ry here is cha­rac­te­ri­sed by a wide-stret­ching and lar­ge­ly flat coas­tal plain. On a smal­ler sca­le, rai­sed beaches and ice wed­ges make for some lovely geo­metric pat­terns in the bar­ren tun­dra over lar­ge are­as. How good would it be to see that from the air! Well, not impos­si­ble the­se days 🙂

The­re are remains of a hut stan­ding as a ruin in this for­got­ten cor­ner of the Arc­tic. It is not much but a ruin, but it is the oldest hut built by “modern” (post Pomor) trap­pers on Edgeøya. It was a group of hun­ters who came with the small sealing ship Eli­na Kris­ti­ne and built the hut in 1904. One part of the group kind of stran­ded on Tus­enøya­ne, on the south side of Edgeøya, for a good part of the win­ter.

Ano­t­her view of the hut at Åne­set. I shot the­se pan­ora­mas in July 2018; the hut is about to fall apart quick­ly now and soon the­re won’t be anything left but scat­te­red remains.


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