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Dick­son Land: Ygg­dra­sil­kam­pen

Ygg­dra­sil­kam­pen 1

Ygg­dra­sil­kam­pen is the moun­tain on the sou­thern side of Mimerd­a­len, whe­re the well-known Rus­si­an ghost sett­le­ment of Pyra­mi­den is situa­ted. It is the long ridge which you con­stant­ly see as you look from Pyra­mi­den across the val­ley. An impres­si­ve moun­tain with a wide pla­teau with some pro­tru­ding led­ges. It won’t sur­pri­se you to read that the view from the­se led­ges is gre­at. The fact that the sun is coming from a good direc­tion for most views of inte­rest during mid-day and after­noon does not hurt eit­her. To the west, you can see the val­leys dis­ap­pearing in the distance in beau­tiful Dick­son Land, you have got Pyra­mi­den more or less to the north or nor­the­ast and all the way to the east, you can see Bil­lefjord and Nor­dens­ki­öld­breen. All this tog­e­ther makes for quite an impres­si­ve pan­ora­ma! I hope that the panos on this page mana­ge to trans­port a bit of that impres­si­on.

Ygg­dra­sil­kam­pen 2

The „pro­blem“ is that you have to have to get the­re to enjoy the view. As a round trip from and to Pyra­mi­den, ascen­ding Ygg­dra­sil­kam­pen from Bil­lefjord and des­cen­ding down to the val­ley in the west, it is almost 20 kilo­me­t­res. You are clim­bing a net alti­tu­de of 583 met­res. The ascent and des­cent are both quite chal­len­ging: steep slo­pes with lots of loo­se scree, that defi­ni­te­ly requi­res good con­fi­dence to move around in that kind of ter­rain. And you have to know the right spots whe­re you actual­ly can get up and down, most­ly it is just too steep!



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