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North Spitsbergen under sail with SV Antigua

19-29 september 2019 - triplog and photo galleries

Sailing in Spitsbergen with the three-mast barkentine Antigua in late September – that should be a voyage into the light of the Arctic, and that’s what it turned out to be! The low sun bathed all these fjords and islands in beautiful, warm light. The light was, however, pretty much the only thing out there that was warm; other than that, the landscape had mostly already put a winter coat on. The weather was pretty unstable, so the weather forecast was an important tool for planning the voyage from day to day – and that worked out very well, we had pretty much always a favourable combination of right place, right time, so we could make a lot of landings and walks in the arctic winter landscape. Good stuff! Even though our luck with polar bear sightings was pretty limited and we did not get to see any northern lights – almost a bit strange considering how much time we spent in good places. But in the end, it is also a matter of luck, and you always have to leave something for next time. And other than that? Spitsbergen was friendly with us!

The photo galleries on the pages linked up below will give some good impressions. Enjoy!

Das zeigen die unten verlinkten Seiten mit vielen Bildern von den jeweiligen Abschnitten unserer Reise. Viel Freude beim Durchklicken und Lesen!

Click here to download the triplog (pdf, German text).

The links in the text will open pages within this website that have more background information and 360-degree-panoramas of many of the various places that we visited.

The following panoramas were shot during our voyage (these are the ones that I have processed so far, that takes some time):

Photo gallery – North Spitsbergen with SV Antigua, 19-29 september 2019

Click on thumbnail to get the corresponding gallery.


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