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Sveagruva: Norwegian coal mining in Spitsbergen

Nor­we­gi­an coal mining in Spits­ber­gen during the 20th cen­tu­ry took place not only in Lon­gye­ar­by­en but to a lar­ge degree also in Sveagru­va. The mines, infras­trac­tu­re and sett­le­ment of Svea, as it is usual­ly cal­led, are spread out over a lar­ge area. Hence, for an easier over­view it makes sen­se to sepa­ra­te the area into four dif­fe­rent parts: the actu­al sett­le­ment of Sveagru­va, the mines Svea Nord and Lunck­ef­jel­let and the har­bour at Kapp Ams­ter­dam.

You can access indi­vi­du­al pages with infor­ma­ti­on and pan­ora­ma images dedi­ca­ted to each of the­se are­as by fol­lowing the­se links or cli­cking the mar­ked are­as on the map below.

Svea Map

The Svea area


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