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Nordaustland: Langgrunnodden

Panorama of a polar desert and an old trappers' hut

The nor­thwest cor­ner of Nord­aus­t­land, far north in Hin­lo­pen Strait, is a very bar­ren polar desert kind of land­scape. The sce­n­ery is very wide-open, with low hills stret­ching bet­ween Murch­ison­fjord in the south and Fran­k­lin­sund in the north. The­re are some lagoons, inclu­ding Cla­ra­vå­gen, one of Svalbard’s lar­gest lagoons. The car­bo­na­te-bea­ring bed­rock is shat­te­red by frost into count­less small, sharp rocks, often arran­ged in fasci­na­ting pat­terns by free­zing-tha­wing-cycles over cen­tu­ries and mil­le­nia.

The­re is a ruin of a trap­pers’ hut in this bar­ren land­scape. The hut was built in 1908 by a group of win­tering hun­ters led by Anders Lar­sen. The area was rare­ly used by win­te­rers. During the few win­terings in the area, the main huts were eit­her in Murch­ison­fjord or in Bren­ne­vins­fjord and on Lågøya.



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