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Gallery 3: Nordaustland

Svalbard with SV Arctica II, 2017 - photo gallery Nordaustland: Lady Franklinfjord, Brennevinsfjord, Sjuøyane (Rossøya!) ...

Nordaustland is Svalbard’s second largest island. Barren and wild, remote and beautiful, still largely difficult to reach. That is due to the nautically difficult waters, which are largely still poorely charted. Few captains take their ships through Franklinsund. Heinrich does, and his boat SY Arctica II is well suited for this challenge. As a result, we had a great time in Lady Franklinfjord and Brennevinsfjord, seeing stunning high arctic scenery and polar bears rather than other ships. The faunistic highlight was, however, a pair of rare Sabine’s gulls. A much more seldom sighting than a polar bear! But one of these guys also showed up …

The next faunistic surprise, after the stunning scenery and glaciers in Lady Franklinfjord, was the abundance of mosquitos in Franklindalen. Later, we made it far north, up to Sjuøyane. Stunning views of Nelsonøya and neighbouring Parryøya with mirror images and drift ice around! After our furthest north landing on Phippsøya, we made another landing, even further north, on Rossøya. Who would have expected that? Of course we enjoyed the ice and some of the associated wildlife, although we were not lucky with polar bears at that stage (that comes later …).

The combination of ice and fog in Rijpfjord was just too much. Instead, we had a look at the geoglyphs on Chermsideøya and a landing on desert-like Langgrunnodden provided us with the final impressions of Nordaustland for this time.

Gallery 3: Nordaustland – Lady Franklinfjord

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