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Hornsund: Adriabukta

360 degree panorama image

In Adria­buk­ta, next to the pen­in­su­la Tres­ke­len, the­re was a small trapper’s cabin. This was the one deepest in the fjord in the days of polar bear hun­ting. It was built in 1926 by several trap­pers inclu­ding “polar bear king” Hen­ry Rudi for occa­sio­nal use during hun­ting trips. The main hut was in Hyt­tevi­ka on the west coast north of Horn­sund. The hut in Hyt­tevi­ka and the one here in Adria­buk­ta were used by some famous trap­pers such the fema­le polar bear hun­ter Wan­ny Wold­stad, who win­te­red several times in the 1930s.

The old hut is gone now. You can just see whe­re it once stood, just in front of the more recent hut which is stan­ding the­re today. Also this hut is rather small and star­ting to show signs of dete­rio­ra­ti­on.

Today, this hut is main­ly used by the Polish sci­en­tists from Isbjørn­ham­na.


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