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Tinden i Øksnes, Vesterålen


You can literally smell history at the little fishing and trading post of Tinden, on the small island Tindsøya. The spell of days gone past is hanging heavily in the air over the lonesome houses, under the 468 m high mountain Tindstinden.

The place has existed there, very close to the open sea but well sheltered, for many centuries. Since 1850, Tinden was in private ownership and was developed to become a coastal trading post. The main house was built in 1860, the other buildings go back to the 1880 when the older ones were destroyed during a heavy storm.

The last owner, Skjalg Halmøya from Hamarøya in Vesterålen, ran Tinden for half a century until he died on the first christmas day in 2002. Tinden itself was already put under official protection as a historical site in 1994 (they should have protected Skjalg as well!); after Skjalg had passed away, Tinden was handed over to a foundation that is meant to keep the place in good shape. Skjalg son Kjell Arne is taking care of it and greets visitors. With his very open and friendly way of doing so, he has all chances to become a local legend just as his father had been, whom many remember as a very friendly, social, humorous storyteller and host.

There is no road to Tinden, most get there by boat. So did we in early June 2013 with the sailing ship Antigua, and just the welcome that Kjell Arne gave us is a little story in itself. Joachim (Captain on Antigua) during the approach: “How deep is it at the jetty?” “Kjell: Two meters eighty! What is your draught?” Joachim: “Three meters ten!” Kjell: “Allright! Just come alongside!”

A very memorable and enjoyable evening was to follow!

These panoramas can’t possible give a complete impression of the magic of Tinden i Øksnes in Vesterålen, but they give a little impression, at least. Should you ever find the way there, then you will not regret it. And don’t forget to say hello to Kjell Arne from me!

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