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Kabelvåg, Svolvær & Laukvik

We spend the morning in Kabelvåg, the former “capital” of Lofoten, a powerful place for centuries until it lost its importance in recent history. But it is still a lovely place with an interesting saltwater aquarium and an equally interesting history museum. The richness and the power of the merchants next to the poverty of the fishermen. A strong contrast.

Gallery – Kabelvåg, Svolvær & Laukvik

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The hike to Svolvær was both lovely (regarding scenery) and wet (regarding terrain). Those who stayed on board of SV Antigua for the short passage to Svolvær had some more time to explore the modern-day capital of Lofoten before we visited the northern light centre in Laukvik in the evening.

Trollfjord – Skrova

Trollfjord is one of the most famous places in Lofoten. It is so easily acceessible by ship and the landscape is stunning.

And it still is even if you don’t see all of it. The mountain peaks were hidden in clouds. But we saw actually more of Trollfjorden than we had expected … and then, we could even set some sails!

Gallery – Trollfjord – Skrova

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Later we entered the little harbour of Skrova, a small island far north in Vestfjord that belongs to Lofoten. Lovely harbour. Lovely scenery. Lovely walks. Lovely hiking. Lovely BBQ by Sascha and his team. Weather – less lovely, mostly. But we even got some northern lights later that evening. Lovely.


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