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Gallery 4: Hinlopen Strait

Svalbard with SV Arctica II, 2017 - photo gallery Hinlopen

Lomfjord, Alkefjellet, Wahlbergøya, Kiepertøya

For the first time on this trip, we had some noticeable wind and sea as we entered the northern Hinlopen Strait. This is also part of a sailing boat voyage in the arctic. But it was not too much and after a couple of hours, we entered Lomfjord where we made a long, beautiful mountain hike the next day.

The focus on the next 24 hours was mostly wildlife, next to a lovely little hike on the northern part of Wahlbergøya. Alkefjellet is an amazing place, one of the natural miracle of this planet in my opinion. Walrusses and even puffins, maybe the biggest faunistic surprise in Hinlopen Strait. You shouldn’t really expect to see puffins in Svalbard, they are not a high arctic bird species, and this is not Lofoten …

A crew member of another ship had another surprising meeting with the regional fauna in 1995 on Kiepertøya. This meeting turned out to be a tragic one. The small group of crew met an aggressive polar bear, and as they were not sufficiently armed, the result was one dead man and another one seriously injured (and the bear was later shot by the police). After a little search, we found a small memorial plaque on a little basalt cliff. A simple monument, but a strong reminder how seriously you have to take the whole safety issue that is inherent in meetings of polar bears and people.

Gallery 4: Hinlopen Strait – Kiepertøya

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