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Gallery 3: Hinlopen Strait

04-22 August 2019

Peter maneouvred Arctica II safely into the lagoon of Claravågen – an approach and entrance that not every skipper will like, that’s for sure. Here, we made our first contact with the polar desert environment of Nordaustland. A bit further south, we had a look at the old Swedish research station at Kinnvika. As we continued southwards, we saw the wreck of the fishing vessel Northguider sitting on the rocks close to Sparreneset. An eerie view. Several salvage vessels were already on the scene.

We had to cancel our glacier walk at Gimleodden – clearly too much wind. Instead, we got stunned by the view of ten thousands of Brunich’s guillemots at Alkefjellet a few hours later.

The next chance to stretch our legs was on Von Otterøya, and the next day saw us in the drift ice south of Hinlopen Strait. One of the highlights of this day was clearly the sighting of a rare Bowhead whale!

Gallery 3: Hinlopen Strait

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