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Ny-Ålesund: dogyard

360° panorama

The­re is a who­le cou­p­le of „roads“ mee­ting here at the wes­tern exit of Ny-Åle­sund. The road to the west goes to the air­field and to the geo­de­tic sta­ti­on at Bran­dals­pyn­ten. The one to the sou­thwest is to the freshwa­ter lake, the way to the south leads you around Ny-Åle­sund and fur­ther into Kongsfjord. Most tou­rists will not go any of the­se ways, but con­ti­nue with their walk wit­hin the sett­le­ment. In case you con­ti­nue fur­ther and away from the sett­le­ment, you are in polar bear coun­try from here on – take your pre­cau­ti­ons.

The­re is a dogyard next to this cross­road, whe­re some locals keep polar dogs for pri­va­te use.


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