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Raudfjord: Ayerfjord


Raudfjord (“Red Bay”) is loca­ted at the wes­tern north coast of Spits­ber­gen and one of the most sce­nic fjords of the island. A num­ber of gla­ciers reach down to sea level on its wes­tern side, showing nice cal­ving cliffs bet­ween rug­ged, sharp moun­tains. The eas­tern side of the fjord is more gent­le, with moun­tains being less jag­ged and poin­ted and no gla­ciers reaching down to sea level; a remar­kab­le con­trast in land­s­cape and geo­lo­gy.

This pan­ora­ma shows Ayerfjord, the wes­tern of the two bran­ches in inner Raudfjord.

No 360° pan­ora­ma, becau­se of the CSS3 limi­ta­ti­ons need Flash on mobi­le devices to work, for examp­le, with the Puf­fin brow­ser, but due to the lar­ge amount of data, the­re should be pro­blems with the Puf­fin brow­ser too.


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