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Gallery 5: Storfjord

Svalbard with SV Arctica II, 2017 - photo gallery southeastern Svalbard: Storfjord from Heleysund to the south cape

You can hardly say that the last couple of days had been boring, but … this part of the trip was certainly something special. The wish for a good polar bear sighting was there – not explicitely, we had seen a number of polar bears, including a pretty nice sighting, but considering the potential of the last days, it was still a bit thin. This was about to change now. We saw no less than 7 in a day or two, including some distant sightings. Three good ones. And a VERY good one, which none of us will forget.

Something else that we are not going to forget was the passage of the narrow Ormholet, stunning as always, and a beautiful evening landing on this small island that gave us the impression that we were the first people there. And we may well have been the first tourists there, at least.

Then there was still the long passage around the south cape. The wind was filling the sails and Arctica II, not exactly built as a racing boat, made up to 12 knots, driven only by the wind, making skipper Heinrich happy. Some of the others were happy a bit later when we had the south cape behind us.

Gallery 5: Storfjord from Heleysund to the south cape

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