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Please do not only send chocolate, but let me and others know what you think about my books, my website or basically anything with regard to the arctic. You are welcome to make an entry in my guestbook!
Small print: Your entry will be visible after we have had a look at it. Your opinion can of course differ from mine, but I want to make sure we don’t get disrespectful entries or unacceptable language on these pages.

(14) Dr stanley Mulvany
Do, 3 September 2015 20:13:00 +0000
Hi Rolf
I came across your website this morning and had a brief look at your news of the kayaking expeditions around Svalbard this summer. My daughter Tara is one of the members of the Ice Bears and Islands team. I'm not sure you have been following their blog reports but you might be interested to know they are set to finish the circumnavigation of Svalbard this weekend at Longyearbyen. Their journey is inspirational and probably little known and they deserve more recognition for this extraordinary expedition. Have a read of their blog http://svalbard.worldwildadventure.com and you will see what I mean. I hope someone locally welcome them back on the beach.
Best wishes
(13) Tom Lennie
Mi, 2 April 2014 19:23:36 +0000
Rolf, a most interesting website. I was fortunate myself to be able to visit Jan Mayen in the summer, I was captivated by the place. In particular, saw Beerenberg in fantastic conditions, please see my website. I also returned to the North Cape of Norway this January which was special, looking forward to my next trip North.

Thank you.

(12) John Marks
In the Landnamabok, Svalbard seems to be Jan Mayen, so it was discovered and named by the Icelanders some 500 years before the Dutch.
Why has the name 'Svalbard' been transferred to Spitsbergen which, from the Landnamabok sailing directions, could not possibly have been Spitsbergen?

Hi - short answer from Rolf. It has been a debate for many decades, mainly following the Spitsbergen Treaty signed in 1920. The use of 'Svalbard' was mainly favoured by Norwegian historians and those who preferred this name for political reasons rather than historical ones, to make a statement of the archipelago being Norse/Norwegian rather than Dutch or anything else. What 'Svalbard' originally referred to is uncertain, Jan Mayen is one option that has been suggested, together with the east Greenland coast, Spitsbergen or the pack ice edge. (what makes you so certain that the 1194 entry in the Icelandic Landnámabok referred to Jan Mayen?)
Around 1920, the term Svalbard was hardly used. The treaty as signed in 1920 did not have the term Svalbard at all anywhere in the text. Nevertheless, it is today commonly referred to as the 'Svalbard treaty' although it should be the 'Spitsbergen treaty'. I guess you should direct your question to Norwegian historians and authorities to check why this is so.
(11) Hafthor Helgason
Always been fascinated by Jan Mayen. So close, but yet so far away from my home area in Iceland. Great website and a lot af fun to read and look at :)
(10) Rob McCafferty
Mo, 25 Februar 2013 15:00:45 +0000
A superb website. Always been fascinated by remote, inhospitable places. Good luck with 2014. Stay safe.
(9) Vilhelm Torsvik
Di, 19 Februar 2013 10:12:06 +0000
Hello Rolf.
See that you have some info about Ryke Yse. My father built the cabin on Heimøya. Nice to see your pictures from the place.
(8) Jaime rarick
Mi, 5 September 2012 00:18:44 +0000
Hi rolf, the 2014 trip sounds rather exciting. Unfourtuantly im only 16 & probably too young to attend. But one day i plan on visiting jan mayen. Im from Ontario canada. Hopefully theres another trip iam able to attend.
(7) Georgios Vlachos
Do, 26 Juli 2012 05:57:04 +0000
Hi Rolf,
Congratulations on your amazing website. Really nice and professional work. Looking forward to your new expeditions and photographs!
I also received your Spitsbergen Svalbard book. It is really fantastic. I visited Svalbard in 2009, and I am really impressed with the beauty of the arctic landscape and wildlife.
I wish you safe expeditions!!!
Georgios Vlachos, GREECE
(6) Heather hall
Mi, 16 Mai 2012 09:06:01 +0000
Hello again Rolf many thanks for the book of amazing photographs of Spitzbergen and the fantastic DVD so kind of you to send them before payment. We are eagerly waiting for our trip actually counting the days. I studied geomorphology and the quaternary many many years ago at university and have waited over 50 years to see for myself. Thank you again Rolf regards Heather Save travelling
(5) heather hall
So, 6 Mai 2012 09:15:23 +0000
hello we are off to Spitsbergen on 30th June 2013 I cannot thank you enough for sharing your wonderful images with us and we only wish we were young enough to join with you on an expedition sadly we are both disabled and well into our 70"s so that is impossible but after waiting 40 years we ARE going and not only will we see a little of what you have seen but we will smell the arctic too Many Many thanks Heather & Norman Hall
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