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Gallery 5: Kongsfjord

Blomstrandbreen is strongly crevassed and a wild view, but it does not offer easy access onto the ice. But we found a place where it was actually possible to go into the glacier for some metres, which is a rare and interesting experience.

Just as rare and certainly more than just a bit interesting was our sighting of a polar bear, that kept us busy for a good part of the afternoon. It spent some time swimming across the fjord between many pieces of glacier ice, making it a bit difficult to see it as we kept a good distance in order not to disturb it. We could then see it beautifully in full splendor as it went out of the water at Ossian Sarsfjellet, climbing at amazing pace across steep slopes seemingly without any effort, stepping over big rocks and small cliffs while making a reindeer panic.

And as if this had not yet been enough for a day, we still had time to make a late afternoon landing on one of the small islands in Kongsfjord, enjoying panoramic views of the grand scenery around us in the light of yet another beautiful sunset shining on the mosses and lichens to our feet and on mountains and glaciers in the distance.

Gallery 5

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