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Lovénøyane: Sigridholmen

360° panoramas

The small islet Sig­rid­hol­men belongs to the group of Lové­nøya­ne, a coll­ec­tion of litt­le islets, all of which are smal­ler than a kilo­met­re in dia­met­re. Jut­tahol­men is ano­ther one of the islands in this group. Sig­rid­hol­men is just 700 met­res across from one end to the other.

All islands of the Lové­nøya­ne are very green. Birds inclu­ding com­mon eider ducks, geese and arc­tic terns, to name just some of the most com­mon ones, have been bree­ding here in num­bers for thou­sands of years, thus fer­ti­li­sing the tun­dra. Today, the Lové­nøya­ne are pro­tec­ted as bird reser­ves: it is not allo­wed to go ashore from 15 May to 15 Sep­tem­ber, and you even have to keep a distance of 300 met­res to the nea­rest part of the shore during that peri­od. Strict, but it makes a lot of sen­se as the den­si­ty of bree­ding birds is real­ly high and it would be impos­si­ble to move around wit­hout dis­tur­bing birds.

The pro­blem is that the polar bears don’t know that. They come to Kongsfjord and raid may nests of tun­dra bree­ders in incre­asing fre­quen­cy in recent years.

Pano 1 – Lové­nøya­ne: Sig­rid­hol­men

The­re has not been much in terms of human histo­ry on Sig­rid­hol­men, but the sce­n­ery is stun­ning. It is both the sur­roun­ding moun­tain and gla­cier pan­ora­ma of Kongsfjord and the beau­ty of the island its­elf, which lies often in small details: the rich tun­dra, lichens on the many erra­tic bould­ers, the beau­tiful­ly cur­ved coast­li­ne. All this tog­e­ther makes Sig­rid­hol­men and her neigh­bours a tre­asu­re chest of arc­tic natu­re.

Pano 2 – Lové­nøya­ne: Sig­rid­hol­men

As all my pho­tos taken onshore in bird reser­ves and simi­lar­ly pro­tec­ted places in Spits­ber­gen, such as Sør­kap­pøya and Mof­fen, the­se pan­ora­mas were shot in late Sep­tem­ber. But then, the low sun brings some stun­ning light to the arc­tic land­scape!



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